Eating the rainbow. My favorite foods.

Since switching to a plant-based lifestyle, my tastebuds and food cravings have changed dramatically.

I once craved Mars Bars, diet coke and chicken burgers. Food my body was addicted to. Foods high in added sugar, saturated fat and cholesterol.

Now my cravings are for foods my body needs to have a surplus of energy, recover from my training load and to thrive everyday.

As my cravings changed from processed to real food, my tastebuds also adjusted to tasting the natural sweetness, bitterness and flavors of fruits and vegetables.

I love the sweetness of steamed cauliflower, the sourness of pickled cucumbers and the nuttiness of quinoa.

Give me a date over a candy any day!

I have monkey tendencies with my habit of eating up to 10-15 bananas per day and after 4 years still haven’t got sick of them.

They even get their own standout mention below!

Here is a list of some of my favorite foods and why they should be part of everyone’s daily diet.


Leafy dark green vegetables: baby spinach, kale & broccoli

  • Vitamins K, A & C – 100% of recommended daily intake of each
  • Calcium – important when not eating dairy
  • Potassium – good for blood pressure
  • Good source of plant protein
  • Dark green leafy vegetables are seen as super foods for their wide range of nutrients and health benefits
  • I try to eat 500gms or 2 cups of these a day

Antioxidant rich foods: blueberries, strawberries & garlic











  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Increases your immune system’s ability to fight off disease and infection (reduces your chances of getting colds)
  • Reduces chance of heart disease
  • Good for keeping your skin healthy

Anti-inflammatory foods: ginger, turmeric, pineapple, papaya, cinnamon

  • Our ultimate goal is to reduce inflammation within our bodies – inflammation is the number one cause of diseases such as heart disease, cancer, autoimmune diseases, digestive issues etc
  • Most inflammation in our bodies is caused by the foods we eat
  • Good for brain health and reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Grains: brown rice, oatmeal & quinoa











  • High in fiber and good carbohydrates
  • Helps with weight maintenance
  • Good source of slow release, long-lasting energy

Spices: turmeric, ginger, cinnamon

  • Turmeric – strong anti-inflammatory properties
  • Ginger – assists with digestion and reduces inflammation
  • Cinnamon – stabilizes blood sugar levels and increases metabolism


  • 38% RDA of vitamin B6 – healthy brain and nervous system functioning
  • 12% RDA of copper – helps transport iron into red blood cells to prevent anemia
  • 9% RDA of magnesium – maintains bone integrity and enables energy production
  • 15% RDA of manganese – helps regulate blood sugar
  • 13% RDA of vitamin C – good source of antioxidant
  • 10% RDA of potassium – helps prevent cramps and maintain healthy blood pressure

*RDA; recommended daily intake