Aromatherapy: Incorporating essential oils into my daily life

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I only started using essential oils in the last 3 to 4 months but I decided to write this blog post to share my positive experiences and the benefits since beginning to use them in our home on a daily basis.

Our friend’s Leigh and Mike had an essential oil diffuser in their kitchen while we stayed for a weekend and my husband Alex said to me “that smells amazing, I think we should get one”.

We didn’t know much about what diffuser to buy or which essential oils had what benefits.

We did minimal research and purchased a popular water-based diffuser and a pack of essential oil blends from a local store.

We bought some specific oils like tea tree, lavender and eucalyptus as I had basic knowledge of their medicinal properties.

Tea tree: has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antifungal properties. It can be used to treat acne, athlete's foot, contact dermatitis or head lice using tea tree oil.

Lavender: has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to heal minor burns and bug bites. It is also popularly used to treat anxiety, insomnia, depression, and restlessness. Diffusing lavender has calming and relaxation properties that help with sleep.

Eucalyptus:  is commonly used to treat a variety of common diseases and conditions including nasal congestion, asthma, and as a tick repellant. It is also topically applied as a skin remedy for arthritis and skin ulcers.

The blends we got included; muscle recovery, head relief, sleep aid, breathe and immunity. These were a mix of different essential oils combined to give the best remedies for specific health benefits.

We immediately started using the essential oil blends in our diffuser on a daily basis and learnt which ones to use at different times during the day, after exercise and before bed. I felt fresher with a stronger immune system as we were breathing in the diffused oils. Our house also smelt amazing.

Organic Aromas Nebulizing Diffuser

Organic Aromas Nebulizing Diffuser

About 2 months ago, Organic Aromas reached out to me to try their unique nebulizing diffuser and a few of their oils.

I hadn’t heard of this diffuser and didn’t know how it was different or the benefits compared to others on the market.

I did some research and knew I wanted to try it. I could compare it to my existing diffuser and oils and see the difference myself.

A nebulizing diffuser doesn’t use water or another liquid to distill the essential oil before diffusing it into the air.

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It uses a small glass tube to create a vacuum and pull the essential oil up and create the infused steam. It therefore delivers more pure essential oil and aromatherapy benefits than a standard oil diffuser.

For more details, here is a post on difference between diffusers:

Aroma Therapy and Essential Oils

From Organic Aromas I also got to try the Meditation and Serenity blends and Frankincense oil which I was trying for the first time.

Organic Aroma blends

Organic Aroma blends

I immediately fell in love with their Meditation blend and using it in the evenings after work to help unwind, not specifically for meditation time but when I wanted to start relaxing before bed.

Frankincense has a strong, unique smell but the benefits far outweigh getting used to the aroma.

Frankincense: has a variety of health benefits, including helping relieve chronic stress and anxiety, reducing pain and inflammation, and boosting immunity. Frankincense uses even potentially apply to fighting cancer.

The strength of the oils when using the nebulizing diffuser is a lot higher.
The diffuser has the ability to increase or decrease the intensity of the diffusing which is great. Sometimes the power of the oils was overwhelming and we had to turn it down slightly. The purity of Organic Aroma oils is a lot higher than others I have tried and I love the unique blends.

I mostly diffuse the essential oils and haven’t explored adding them into my food or water but have been using lavender for soaking my feet after long runs.

I mix it with a Grapeseed oil which is a great carrier oil and warm water and soak my feet for 30 mins for recovery and relaxation.

Organic Aromas have a great blog where they share knowledge and information on how to use essential oils in every day life: Aromatherapy blog

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How do you use essential oils in your everyday life?

*Disclaimer: Organic Aromas sent me the nebulizing diffuser and Organic Aroma essential oils to support this blog post.

Amy McKinnon