Paul, 42, california

I was very resistant to follow a plant-based diet when my brother first went vegan in March 2017. I saw the great results he got within a few months so decided to give it a go. With Amy's guidance and meal plans I have been able to lose weight while still training and fueling for Alaskaman which is an extreme IronMan event.

It has been a year since I went plant based and I continue to learn and refine my nutrition learning how to fuel with real whole foods and gain strength and endurance. 

Thanks mate for all your assistance and getting me to eat salads.  


Gill, 25, melbourne Aus

In the middle of diabetes distress and burnout, discovering Amy and her approach to living with diabetes was the inspiration and empowerment I was lacking in life. 

Amy has always been approachable and optimistic in helping me discover a healthier and happier way to living. I have learnt to love food again without feeling restricted or isolated. I now see the impact particular foods have on the mind and body, and feel confident in continuing this plant-based approach to living as I feel alive again since starting. 

I have always loved exercise and sport, however diabetes had stolen my confidence and instilled a fear in me, leaving me feeling pessimistic about being physically active. With Amy’s support and strategies, I am slowly dipping my feet back in the water and feel inspired that I can control my diabetes, instead of letting it control me. 

Thank you Amy, for being a ray of inspiration in a world that sees diabetes as such a negative and unbeatable condition. I feel so much more confident about my future because of you. 


Erik, 26, New York

Above all else, Amy has given me the confidence to alter my diet by being an example to look up to each and every day. By extending her philosophies, she is the reason I decided to run a marathon.

She leads by disciplined example and soon you begin sneaking more and more healthy alternatives into your life.

Amy proved to me that anyone can change their diet and lifestyle at any point. She wasn’t born like this. No, through hard work and pure determination she became someone who radiates healthiness. Her guidance and charm helped me find areas of my life that could use a cleanse to become a happier and more whole person.




Mariam, 19, Canada

December was a tough month with my diabetes management so starting in the new year I decided I needed to take charge of my control and blood glucose levels. With some help from Amy I decided to change my diet.

I started eating high carb consisting of fruits and vegetables. Despite being on this new lifestyle for a short period of time I am in love with it and amazed at how my blood sugars, diabetes management and overall self-feeling has improved. I have managed to cut my total insulin intake in half with very few high numbers per week…everyone with diabetes’ dream! I feel much more energetic, happier and alive.


Nick, 35, Sydney 

I had been eating what I thought was a reasonably healthy diet, but Amy helped me look more closely, experiment and make some easy improvements.

Having increased my running recently, as I’m working towards some ultra races, I was noticing changes in my appetite and big swings in energy, and struggling to know what to eat and how much. Amy has taught me a lot, the changes have been easy and enjoyable.

It’s only been a few weeks, but I have more energy throughout the day, I’m calmer, I feel sharper and focused at work. I also recover quickly from heavier and more frequent training – I’m now training most days, which I wasn’t able to do before.

Thanks Amy – my eating habits have changed for the better, and your guidance, encouragement and evidence-based approach have been vital – not to mention the example you set by following your own advice and sharing your experience; it’s hard to argue with that proof!